GlassUp PRO line is designed to deliver smartglasses & AR solutions that best suit and enhance your industrial processes. We tailor hardware and software to each client’s needs, improving productivity, empowering workers and guaranteeing work health and safety.


Italy is the homeland of eyewear and industrial design. GlassUp PRO smartglasses combine the best technology and the highest comfort with a super-worker aesthetics. The smartglasses are full color monocular, with a 20° FOV, an onboard camera and a thermographic camera.


Glassup PRO smartglasses have been designed with worker's safety in mind and they will be soon certified as Personal Protective Equipment for the European market.


Everything you need in a lens.

GlassUp PRO smartglasses are designed to improve your industrial workflow and production: we are your partner in costumizing AR based solutions for your industrial processes. GlassUp PRO core features include video camera, thermographic camera, Wi Fi connection, plugin sensors and a safety oriented design.

Three concepts

condensed in a new brilliant device:
1 Wearable display
2 Augmented Reality
3 Realtime Information

Here are some use cases

Training on the job
Job safety
Machines data control
Automation control
Alarm warning management
Repair or restore electromechanical malfunction
Recognition of accidents and path optimization for workers and machines movement on the shop floor
Robot assembly
Monitoring cell or machines temperature


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