Some Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.
Should you have a different one don’t hesitate to contact us (link) and submit your question.

Please note that, since we are still in development, these answers are still subject to changes, if needed.

What you see

Should I expect a full immersion experience?

No, text and icons will be projected on a transparent background. You will continue to see the reality in front of you.

I am concerned about possible eye strain when wearing device like yours, should I?

No, the information is projected near the center of your field of view to allow a comfortable usage.

Will I see colored pictures or graphs?

No, we believe that seeing more colors would confuse the user, we prefer to dedicate one only color to the GlassUp messages, so that your eye identifies them more easily and immediately. Moreover there are some technical advantages, so we are keeping a monochromatic view, we are choosing between green or amber.
If it will be necessary to implement other colors for specific usages, we will review our plans in subsequent versions of the glasses.

Will I see only text and icons, or also monochromatic images (a building, an engine, an x-ray)? Will I see different shades of color?

Yes, we will allow the developers of the apps to quickly enter text and icon contents in the program, or else to enter a complete monochromatic image, with different intensity of color (like shades of grey, but it’ll be green, not grey).

Will I see the messages in the very center of my field of view, or scattered all around?

You will see them near the center of your field of view, but not in the very center, because it would cover your vision. Expect to see it on the chest of the person you’re talking with, so to say. But the apps will be able to select different positions, for instance driving directions may be set to show an arrow on the right if you have to turn right.

What you get

What makes a GlassUp?

The GlassUp is made of a frame, an electronic circuit, a touch-pad, and an optical system.

There is no earphone, but you can use your current one.

There won’t be a camera in the basic version, but there may well be on later versions, depending on market requests and on the need of it for specific apps. We are also conscious of privacy issues and we will take the right measures to protect people’s privacy.

Are the images sent to one eye only? Can I choose which one?

The image is sent currently to one eye only, the right one. We hope to make at least one model for the left eye, when we’ll have the standard version up and running.

I need a prescription lens on the right eye, can I use your GlassUp?

We know how important this is, and we’re making our best efforts to be able to serve you. We are evaluating different solutions to combine our GlassUp lens with a prescription lens. Depending on the correction required, a different approach will be adopted from focal adjustment to producing an ad hoc prescription lens for you when you order it. We’ll be able to give you a better answer as soon as we have defined the solution.

Which smartphones will be compatible with GlassUp?

GlassUp device will be compatible with the latest version of mobile operating systems iOS and Android. In the near future also Windows Phone 8 will be supported.

How will the GlassUp connect to my smartphone?

The GlassUp will be wirelessly connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The connection will be done easily as you currently do with your wireless earphone.

How long is the battery autonomy? How can I recharge the GlassUp device battery?

The battery is expected to last a full day of typical use. GlassUp will have a micro-USB port to allow recharging.

How do I control the apps?

In general, you will define the settings on your mobile, and then manage the ongoing controls from the touchpad on the frame (there may be exceptions, for instance in some cases it’s more comfortable to scroll from the mobile than from the touchpad).

There are no voice controls, eye-tracking, gesture controls, nods, winks, or anything like that for the time being.

Does the GlassUp respect safety standards?

Yes, from the design stage we are selecting those components that will ensure the highest level of safety and we started all the certification processes according to each market requirements.

I would love to be a beta tester.

Who wouldn’t.


In your videos and images I see different designs: how will the final product look like?

What you see are the prototypes, the first designs that we have selected. We may keep them, or probably improve them. We will have at least two models for different usages (sport and classic), but we may end up with more. We may also have more colors for the same design.

How does the GlassUp device fit different head sizes?

We are planning our product line to be able to respond both to the differences in pupil distance, and to the differences in head dimension.

Are they heavy?

They should weigh around 65 grams.

Why don’t you make an agreement with some brilliant designers or eyewear companies?

We’re working on it, be patient.


What applications will be available?

The GlassUp will be released with a standard set of applications (to be defined). Many more can be downloaded from the App Stores. You can find a complete list on the APPS page of this website.

Where do I get the apps?

After you get the GlassUp, following the instructions that you’ll find in the box, you have to connect it with your mobile, and download on your mobile the general app from the App Store relevant for you (Apple, Google play, in the near future Windows).

Once you have done that, if you wish to download any more apps you can find them on the various App Stores (Apple, Google play, Samsung, Amazon, Facebook), searching for the word “glassup”. Or, more easily, you can find the links on the APPS page of this website, split by operating system (Android, Apple, Windows).

Who is making them?

A few apps are made by ourselves, but the vast majority comes from external developers. We will select the best ones, in terms both of quality and of customer base, and identify them for you with a specific icon (to be defined).

Purchasing GlassUp

Where and when can I get a GlassUp?

The first GlassUps will be distributed in November 2016. You can pre-order them on our Indiegogo campaign page. In September 2016, we expect to set up a pre-order page on our website.

Following the launch, there will be several sales channels where you can buy GlassUp. We are engaging with different commercial partners to distribute GlassUp devices worldwide (telecommunications, consumer electronics and eyewear chains, both physical and e-commerce).

How much will the GlassUp cost?

The price should start at €299 for the base version, and increase for designer models.

Any warranty?

Sure, one year. Follow the instructions in the box to request it


How can I develop GlassUp applications?

Go to our Developers page and sign-up. Upon registration you will be sent to the page with the SDK and API. We are also planning the developer assistance / forum to help you.

Will I be able to sell the apps I develop? Will you take a cut of the selling price?

The answer is yes to the first question, and no to the second one, at least for now.

May I get a pre-release version, to better understand the user experience of the apps I’m developing?


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